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First Health Trading is a trading company that concerned in providing the equipment and products that makes life more easy, safe, and comfortable, our aim is looking to be the First.
Playing main Rule in providing Pleasant environment where safe and effective Products that can bring both the Physicians and Patients to a healthy lifestyle.
AS our company is specialized in health in General, Medical and Dental in particular, we always looking to bring you the best inspiring the word “QATAR DESERVES THE BEST”.
We have a lot more and more
No more preparation of teeth
No pain.
No needles.
2 visits only.

Glamsmile is a painless veneer solution for stained, damaged or discolored teeth. Veneers are made by one of the most advanced technology using high-tech CAD/CAM technology which provides extreme precision allowing each veneer to be unique and designed perfectly to comply with the patient’s unique facial features.
In our Mission of inspiring Future, we think that patient should not be needed to have teeth drilling for have a smile make over.
The process of the Glamsmile goes as follows:
Firstly the dentist will take an impression of your teeth by biting into a trays filled with silicone to help customize the veneers perfectly for your teeth. Moreover, the dentist will also analyze the shape of your face in addition to taking into consideration the shape of your lips and the color of your skin so that the veneer would look as natural as possible. Afterwards.
Second: as per the next visit the dentist will then place the veneers without anesthetic, unless there is one or more misaligned teeth. Afterwards the dentist will then finish off the process by placing the new veneers in less than one hour in a pain free and needles free process.
Our company have the complete solutions for all patients to get their smile safe and durable.

Condor scanner
as we are looking to simplify the procedure for physician and patient ,and to complete the process of making smile by GLAMSMILE, we bring you this The Smallest Intra-Oral scanner In the world
No impressions.
No more Time.
Immediate expectation results. ( IMMEDIATE smile Design )
The condor revolutionizes Dental Scanner, the smallest and the 1st in the world that able to be fixed on the dental Unit
The smallest dental scanner around the world

The Condor scanner is one click away. If you are interested in purchasing or even knowing more about the condor, contact us. We will reserve an appointment with you and provide you with a demonstration about the scanner online. For more information please call us on +974 6664 5679

B&B implants
B & B. Dental Implants Company is a leading italian company in the field of oral implantology.
B. & B. Dental is specialized in the development of dental implants and material for bone regeneration.
Over the years, we have created high-quality implant prosthetic techniques and innovative materials.
Launched in 1992 by Dr. Claudio Banzi, B. & B. Dental S.r.l.  is located in  San Pietro in Casale (Bologna).
It is in the same year that its first dental implant, called DURAVIT and already designed in 1991, is patented by the same company founder. Further resources were then invested for the patent for a bone regeneration material called   NOVOCOR PLUS, currently recognized by several operators as one of the most complete in the market.

Quality control is based on a set of protocols known as SPC (Statistical Process Controls), in which the quantity and frequency of the controls (according to the type of product) and the criteria for acceptability are determined.

Sizing checks are carried out using the latest-generation three-dimensional measuring machines, which guarantee accuracy to within ± 0.005 mm (5 microns).

Production quality complies with EN ISO 13485:2003/AC:2009 and Directive 93/42/EEC for Medical Devices.

All you need in one system
The best solution for tooth replacement
IDS Laser
IDS Laser is member of IDS group, this company dedicated to the top priority satisfaction.
As a global leading manufacturer in Aesthetic, Surgical, Dental, Cosmetic and Veterinary, we are specialized in manufacturing for Multi full function of lasers which can use both Surgical and Aesthetic or Surgical and Dental treatment simultaneously.

Also we have engaged in Dental land Cosmetic field additionally and we will continue to do our best in this area through Research and Development.

Over the decades, our Unique technology has focused on Medical and Cosmetic, and we are now exporting our Surgical, Aesthetic, Dental and Cosmetic devices to the World over 45 countries.

to complete our duty in providing the safest way to smile makeover for the patients, we bring you the inspired way for correcting malocclusion without harming your teeth, or affecting your gums, oral hygiene, and smile.

Aligner is a splint system that helps correct the position of the teeth in the most discreet way. The aligner is developed to treat adults by allowing them to align their teeth without the use of screws, clasps or even brackets. Unlike braces, the aligner is a biocompatible resin splint that is easily detachable for cleaning and is not noticeable by the surrounding. Each aligner is designed separately to accommodate the shape of the teeth. This aligner is changed multiple times to adjust to treatment process. With the use of the aligner, one will correct their teeth and a smooth, comfortable, and discrete process.

Clear (no more metal looking over the teeth from wires and breaces).
No more tissue teeth pain.
No more bad oral hygiene.
Smile confidently.

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